DS-4010100W - 10 mil

783,72 € (5.904,94 kn)
979,65 € (7.381,17 kn)
Najniža cijena (30d) 979,65 € (7.381,17 kn)
Šifra DS-4010100W

A roll of white foil with a width of 12.19 meters and a length of 30.48 meters. The thickness of the film is 0.25 mm and the white color makes it perfect for protection in the most extreme conditions, such as covering cargo ships on deck, packing heavy transport equipment and wrapping parts of scaffolding and large products where exceptional protection is required. The material is made of 100% new resin material with 12-month UV protection. The area of the material is 371.61 square meters (4000 square feet).